The problem

A house requires maintenance

And maintenance means work, money and time spent traveling to your property. It’s a huge sacrifice when you only enjoy this house for a few days each year.

Sometimes you feel like your house is a burden - you would sell it but you really don’t want to. It has sentimental value for you. After all, it’s your legacy.

Rent your house out

You’ve almost certainly thought about renting it out to holidaymakers but you don’t have the time or knowledge to get it all set up.

Legacy House is the solution you’ve been looking for. Your house will be rented out long-term, to people who will take care of it.

The solution

Legacy House

Legacy House is a platform where you can rent your house to digital nomads for periods of several months. You won’t have to see hundreds of people passing in and out of your house - which is what happens with other websites.

Your house will be rented out only during the months you aren't using it, so you can still enjoy it whenever you want. Don’t give up those summer holidays with family in your house!

With Legacy House you can make a profit from your house: it will go from being an expense to a monthly source of income.

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